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About Testrogen Academy

Testrogen Academy is an institution under Testrogen Innovation Hub that goes against the norm by bypassing the traditional system of education and instead teaches secondary school students (jss1 – ss1) an interactive form of technology, hands-on action is the indispensable tool. Our goal is to affect the minds of the young ones with as much knowledge on technology as possible.

Ugomma Onwe – Project Cordinator

Our Focus

Our primary target are the students in secondary schools. These kids would be given the opportunity to learn new things and hone any inherent skill they may have as individuals. With this project we hope to achieve the following:

  • Make technological skills available to all ages.
  • Invest young people for a sustainable future.
  • Better understand web technologies and trends.
  • Help inspire you think innovative ideas.

The Structure

Testrogen Academy includes a Kiddies Code Club {KCC}, a Trogen Developer’s Programme {TDP} and a Teens Code Club {TCC}. The KCC is specifically for children in primary schools; they will learn a programming language called Scratch. The Trogen Developer’s Programme focuses on training you on software development and web designs and it is an in-house training. The Teens Code Club differs from TDP where instead of an in-house training, the training is done in the computer lab within the secondary school. This will enable the students with little or no knowledge in coding to focus on the most important aspects of coding and immediately apply their new skills to solve tech-related issues.


■Project-based learning: lectures and theory based teaching is kept to the minimum. The underlying belief is that the best way to learn coding, is by coding. Constant practice does not necessarily mean perfection, it just gives the student an edge, enabling you to work intuitively as a person who is conversant with the course.

■Mentoring: our instructors will pair up with students and guide them through their boot-camp journey, providing real-life problem solving examples and facilitating an open environment to ask and answer any questions or concerns. These instructors are working or formerly associated with tech companies so they have first-hand experience and good examples to share with the students.

■Pair programming: students are given projects to work on in pairs and groups, allowing them to learn other styles and methods of programming as well as, enhancing their team work skills.


This boot-camp will center on relevant technologies and tools like HTML, CSSJavaScript and a programming language called PHP.

Explore new Classes

We have new ideas everyday and we look forward to teaching you about them. There is always a class for you.

February 3rd – April 3rd

Cohort one – 2020

Website Development


Admission now open

All saturdays in november

Web and Mobile dev bootcamp

Ugomma Onwe



16 November 2019

Law and tech startups

Best Ukpai

Best Ukpai

Law, Technology


Our Instructors

Meet our passionate and seasoned instructors.

testrogen hub class room
Best Ukpai

Best Ukpai

Managing Partner

Bontus Mayor

Bontus Japh Mayor

Chief technology officer

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